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Neiva Mara Fitness model from Spain known as soyneiva on Instagram where she has accrued more than 7.3 million followers.

Before Fame
She began to document her fitness journey in 2015 after being unhappy with the way she looked.

She is also the creator of the Instagram account meinleggings. She has modeled alongside Paola Skye and Rola Rodriguez.

After seriously committing to her fitness goals, Neiva slowly started to see progress in the way she looked, and the way she felt.

Within only two years, Neiva completely changed her physique, and with it, her entire life. Nevia is now a world famous fitness model inspiring and army of fans to keep their dreams alive.

Neiva Mara was born in 1984 in Spain. She is not a young girl, but she looks amazing. All thanks to her fitness classes, thanks to them Neiva gained such appetizing forms.

Curiously, Neiva mixed blood, she has Portuguese and Spanish and European heritage. Another interesting fact about Neiva is that she is a teacher by education. Actually, it’s evident from some of her instagram posts.

Neiva Mara previously worked as a teacher, but after she started to post her photos and video in instagram she was noticed by many sports brands and sports nutrition stores and now she is engaged in the promotion of goods and services in the field of fitness.

Neiva does not work as a teacher, otherwise she would have one hundred percent attendance of the stronger sex. On some videos in instagram Neiva very attractive moves near the blackboard.

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